Vel Design makes gypsum plaster corbels in all styles and dimensions to fit any taste and interior design.

Corbels are a perfect interior design tool for improving the look and feel of your home or business estate. They can be used to display favoured pieces or can regally stand alone.

Ceilings and walls appointed with a few special features draw attention and hold the eye, bring depth and balance.

A house enhanced will bloom into a home.  Experience the full beauty your house possesses. The only difficult part is deciding which corbel or ornament to use. Acanthus leaves, floral, scrolls, Baroque shells, pegasus, angels ... - each of our gypsum plaster corbels are 100 % hand-made. The choices are near endless and all lovely. There is something for every taste and budget. A delightful experience awaits.

Decorative corbels can actually create optical illusions to make your ceilings appear higher, or make the space to feel bigger or smaller depending on the size of the corbel you choose to install. Corbels come in all different styles and shapes, colours and finishes to accommodate any preexisting design scheme or home decor. Often it is the small details that make all the difference in your home; adding corbels to your bedroom, living room, study or foyer will be an architecturally delightful addition.

Gypsum plaster corbels can be used for fireplace decoration, wall decors, archway and entryway decoration and instead of capitals for pilaster columns. They could be finished by us or you in any colour and special decorating effect.

Dimensions in Corbels Catalogue are as following :

H - Corbel height

W - Corbel upper width

w - Corbel lower width

D - Corbel depth


Angel Corbel/ Wall Lamp

REF. Num:CR 001
Gorgeous angel corbel which could be used as wall decoration element as well as a wall lamp.

€ 55.00

Angel's Face Corbel

REF. Num:CR 002
Corbel with angel's face, H=16 cm/ D=12 cm/ W=27 cm, suitable for all interior styles.

€ 22.00

Pegasus Corbel - left

REF. Num:CR 003
Magnificent pegasus corbel - left H=36 cm/ W=26 cm/ D=21 cm

€ 115.00

Pegasus Corbel - right

REF. Num:CR 004
Magnificent pegasus corbel - right H=36 cm/ W=26 cm/ D=21 cm

€ 115.00

Corbel Woman's Head

REF. Num:CR 005
Corbel with woman's head, H=23 cm/ W=17 cm/ D=15 cm

€ 33.00

Baroque Shell Corbel

REF. Num:CR 006
Baroque shell corbel, H=17 cm/ W=15 cm/ D=10 cm

€ 17.00

Corbel - classic, acanthus leaf

REF. Num:CR 007
Corbel - classic, acanthus leaf, H=22 cm/ W=12 cm/ D=10 cm

€ 28.00

Corbel - acanthus leaf, scrolls, flowers

REF. Num:CR 008
Corbel with acanthus leaf, H=31 cm/ W=10 cm/ D=13 cm, Renaissance style.

€ 28.00

Corbel - neoclassical

REF. Num:CR 009
Neoclassical stylish corbel, H= 28 cm, W= 25 cm, D=10 cm

€ 49.00

Baroque Corbel - floral motifs

REF. Num:CR 010
Baroque corbel with floral motifs, H = 29 cm/ W = w = 23.5 cm/ D = 21 cm

€ 57.00

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