Gypsum Plaster Niches

Vel Design makes gypsum plaster niches in modern and classical style.

Gypsum plaster niches are a wonderful way to add style and unique interior in your home, office, hotel, restaurant.

In the niche you can place a statue, a statuette or just a vase in order to create the specific style you would like.

Niches are suitable for all areas - sitting and living rooms, staircases, bedrooms, foyers, etc.

All our products are hand-made of glass fibre reinforced gypsum (depending on the product we also use hemp/ palm fibres, oakum of sisal and burlap for reinforcement).

We can accomplish any gypsum decoration item apart from the products listed in our catalogue.


Gypsum Plaster Niches 1

REF. Num:N 01
Gypsum plaster niche - plain; lovely way to add style to your place.

€ 135.00

Gypsum Plaster Niches 2

REF. Num:N 02
Gypsum plaster niche, beautiful look, superior quality.

€ 190.00

Gypsum Plaster Niches 3

REF. Num:N 03
Niches with Baroque shell made of reinforced gypsum plaster.

€ 210.00