Mouldings, Cornices, Friezes

We offer a wide range of alternative design for your home or business estate : (crown) mouldings, lighting troughs, cornices and friezes.

Ceiling Decoration

Ceiling decoration is one of the most important tasks for decoration of your home, office, study, restaurant, bar or hotel. You can make your ceiling design more fascinating by installing decorative ceiling elements.

Wall Decoration

Wall decoration has a lot of advantages for creating your desired interior. We offer a fine selection of reliefs, wall and mirror frames, niches, ornaments and swags for walls.

Columns, Pilasters

Vel Design produces all styles columns and pillasters. As a rule columns/ pillasters consist of 3 parts - a capital, a shaft and a base. We offer columns and pillasters in a variety of sizes and finishing in a broad pallete of colours.

Decorative Ornaments

Decorative ornaments add beauty to your home and office. We make variety of decorative ornaments such as gypsum (plaster) rosettes, swags, medallions.

Corbels, Brackets

Vel Design offers corbels and brackets in any style and design. Our handmade decorative corbels and brackets are both aesthetical and functional. Corbels and brackets are a perfect interior design tool for improving the look and feel of your home or business estate.

Replica Statues, Sculpture Reproductions

"Sculpture is the art of the intelligence." Pablo Picasso

Fireplace Mantels

Vel Design produces fireplace mantels from marble and travertine. We offer mantels in classical European styles (French, Italian, Greek and Roman). Our skilled craftsmen have created our fireplace models combining original classic fireplace mantel designs inspired by the master carvers and architects of the past and our own design ideas. We guarantee you high quality craftsmanship of our work.

Decorative Door and Window Surrounds

Vel Design makes decorative door and window surrounds in any style and for any taste.

Restoration, Renovation

We deal not only with making decorative items from our range but with restoration of architectural ornaments and elements for the needs of our clients. We can make any detail - ornament, capital, relief, statue etc. from design projects, sketches and pictures.