Mirror Frames

We make oval, square and rectangular frames for mirrors. The frames could be plain or ornate depending on your interior style.

Our customers can choose the best mirror frame for them from our wide range of mirror frames. The mirror frames are made from glass fibre reinforced gypsum (GFRG or GRG) and are hand-finished finely to look beautiful. They could be decorated in any colour or effect.

You can hang up a mirror in bedrooms, living rooms, dressing rooms, staircases and many more places. In order to satisfy our clients' requirements we offer mirror frames in custom size, patterns, style, motifs and finishing to suit your home or office interior design.


Floral Mirror Frame

REF. Num:MF 001
Unique baroque mirror frame, custom size, W = 24 cm

€ 33.00

Baroque Mirror Frame - gilded

REF. Num:MF 002
Baroque mirror with ornate frame in gold or silver finish.

€ 110.00

Baroque Mirror Frame

REF. Num:MF 003
Baroque mirror with ornamental frame in gold or silver finish! Custom colors available on request.

€ 120.00

Ornate Mirror Frame - oval

REF. Num:MF 004
Ornate mirror frame - oval in George II style, openwork carving

€ 150.00

Golden Retro Mirror Frame

REF. Num:WR 005
Golden retro mirror frame, perfect finish, elegant, eye-catching design

€ 130.00

Oval Gypsum Plaster Frame

REF. Num:WR 006
Oval gypsum plaster frame, W = 11 cm

€ 54.00